Themeda Triandra "Kangaroo Grass" Seeds-EDIBLES-buy in BULK-pure seed

Themeda Triandra "Kangaroo Grass" Seeds-EDIBLES-buy in BULK-pure seed

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Low maintenance garden, Courtyard, Poolside, Container growing, Drought resistant

The widespread Kangaroo Grass, Themeda triandra, is one of the most recognisable members of the grass family (Poaceae) in Australia. Themeda triandra is considered by some to be two species, the African and Asian species T. triandra and a separate Australian species Themeda australis. As there does not seem to be enough distinguishable differences between them to warrant the split they are generally considered one species, although many publications still use the name T. australis. Information retrieved Australian National Botanic Gardens 7 Sep 2019

“Themeda triandra is a perennial tussock-forming grass widespread in Africa, Australia, Asia and the Pacific. In Australia it is commonly known as kangaroo grass and in East Africa and South Africa it is known as red grass and red oat grass or as rooigras in Afrikaans. It does not do well under heavy grazing pressure, but benefits from occasional fire..........

The young growth is palatable to stock. T. triandra seed has been used as a famine food in Africa. It also serves as a food source for several avian species, including the long-tailed widowbird. It is also occasionally used as an ornamental plant.” Information retrieved from Wikipaedia 7 Sep 2019

Useful for: Groundcover, erosion control, famine food – (seeds can be ground into flour).


The Chakra Garden can not take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants. 

Always seek advice from a professional before eating or using a plant medicinally.


Sowing Time:  Mid summer-Autmumn.

Climate: 25-40C

To sow: Sprinkle seeds on top of soil in a tray and add a fine layer of vermiculite. Mist with water and keep damp but not wet until sprouts appear in 2-14 weeks.  Can have a very low germination rate below 50%.

“Seed may be sown straight away with some success in mid summer to autumn but generally the seed has a dormancy period of up to 12 months depending on the area where it was collected. Fire or temperatures of 40–45° C may also break dormancy. Approximately 2/3 of seed collected from one inflorescence will be infertile. It is sometimes hard to distinguish fertile from infertile seeds as they both turn brown and retain their awns, but generally fertile seed is larger. If you are harvesting and sowing a lot of seed beware of the sharp callus (barb) at the base of the seed.

Seed can be planted 15 mm deep or spread like mulch when the whole inflorescences are harvested. Kangaroo Grass does not transplant well but success has been achieved with square tube stock pots which air prune the roots and stop the seedlings becoming root bound. When planted out, water crystals and slow release fertiliser should be placed in the hole with the seedling, it should then be watered in well.” ANBG from Text by Jennifer Liles

***Please note:  These are not live plants, seeds only.  Quarantine restrictions and inspection fees prohibit us from selling seeds to Western Australia, Tasmania, and Internationally.


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