Smoke Infused Vermiculite - 30 grams

Smoke Infused Vermiculite - 30 grams

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Smoke Infused Vermiculite


Some of The Australian Native seeds we sell can be assisted to germinate with the use of smoke, as this is how nature aids the plant in regenerating in the wild.  As it is not always possible to apply smoke for seed growth in home gardens or commercial settings, we have 'Smoke Infused Vermiculite' to help you grow your seeds.

This is a smoke-infused, dry, granulated product with the same density and consistency as commercial vermiculite.  The phenolic compounds within smoke also promote natural fungicide.

Once water is applied to the Smoke Infused Vermiculite, the smoke-water is released into the growing medium and soaks the seed promoting germination of smoke responsive species.

Recommended application rate is 120 grams per square metre, spread over the surface of the growing medium.  20 grams is enough for one small garden bed or a number of pots.



Add water and apply to growing mix after seed is planted. - 30grams

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Customer Reviews

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Stephen Hughan

Very prompt delivery. Well priced.Great customer service

Thanks so much Stephen. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and we are very glad to know your order arrived safely.

Janet J. Cameron
Native plants joy

I was vey pleased wth the smoke water infused vermiculite. It had the strong smell of smokewater which I've used before to stimulate growth of Bursaria Spinosa seeds. I have top dressed the small punnets of Corymbia lemon scented gum. These are in my poly house which is surprisingly warm as it is on very thick tiles so hopefully I get some good germination.

Lisa Ashdowne

Quick delivery, good price - but unsure at this stage how good the product is. I'm using it to propagate seeds that I have had great success with previously so that should give an indication of the quality of the product. But these things have variables - soil, temperature, other conditions. Hopefully all will be well, I'll get a similar propagation rate as other smoke water vermiculite and that'll be wonderful. Cheers.

Jan Wielart

I haven't used yet, went to hospital .

Greg Pitt