Pogostemon Heyeanus 'Patchouli' -Therapeutic and Herbal-25 seeds

Pogostemon Heyeanus 'Patchouli' -Therapeutic and Herbal-25 seeds

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Patchouli Java

Family: Lamiaciae

Ideal sowing temp: 25-35C (humid).

Position:  Partial shade or indoors. hates frost; will sunburn if not protected by shade, does not like bright light at all.

Sowing: Sow on surface.  Press lightly to surface of soil with palm of hand.

Care:  Water with very fine mist spray to avoid any disturbance of the seed. Fades fast with neglect–it needs watering almost daily. 

Sprouting: 14-28 days. 

A great plant to 3m high to grow in shady spots. Needs warm temp and high humidity.

Pogostemon heyeanus is one of the two species from all the members in this family which can be used to make Patchouli oil.  Grows well in the tropics. It thrives in hot weather but not in direct sun. The plants prefer humid growing conditions and can wilt in dry conditions but will revive quickly once watered. In shady areas, the plants can become leggy and may require some pruning to retain their compact growth habit. May be grown outside in pots but must be brought indoors during winter. Patchouli plants are not usually attacked by pests. The oil they contain keeps most insects at bay. Tolerant of many soil types, but a layer of mulch around the plant, as well as occasionally applying compost or organic fertilizers, may encourage leaf production and flowering. 

With a distinctive, heavy, oriental aroma, it is great as an insect repellent and more recently it has been also used in aromatherapy and alternative remedy.

The plant and it’s oil are said to have many health benefits, including uses for diarrhea, colds, antiviral, antiseptic and antibacterial, and working as a form of antidepressant. Claimed to also reduce fluid retention and have rejuvenating properties. When used in aromatherapy it reduces appetite and helps to relieve headache.  It is also treated as an aphrodisiac, and in India, it is used as anointing oil.

The Chakra Garden cannot take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants. 

Always seek advice from a professional before eating or using a plant therapeutically.

****Please note: these are seeds (we are NOT selling these as live plants). Quarantine restrictions and costs prohibit us from selling these seeds to WA, Tas, and Internationally).

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Customer Reviews

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not impressed

The 'seeds' didn't look very viable to me and I've seen a lot of seeds. most of what i saw in the bag looked more like old flower material from around the seeds. I only noticed around 5-8 things that looked like they might be seeds, certainly not 25.

only 1 germinated so far, i think... maybe its just a weed.

Hi Pete
Thank you so much for your review in our online store. We are sorry to hear that you believe the seeds you received are not okay and that they should have grown faster than the listing states they may take. We purchased these seeds from a reputable supplier and we hand clean every packet we sell before they get shipped. We are a very small business and we do everything we can to provide quality seed to every customer. We have checked our stock of the seed we sent to you and it is very high quality so we do not know how you could have received what you described. We will refund your money today and we do hope that the seeds you have, once they have the required tie in the ground, sprout healthily for you. As you did not contact us directly, we can really do no more but we do appreciate your feedback so we have had a chance to check both our stock and our processes.
Many thanks

June Parkin