Lophostemon Confertus "Queensland Brush Box"-Buy In Bulk-seeds

Lophostemon Confertus "Queensland Brush Box"-Buy In Bulk-seeds

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Lophostemon confertus from family: Myrtaceae


Lophostemon confertus (syn. Tristania conferta), is an evergreen tree native to Australia, though it is cultivated in the United States and elsewhere. Common names include brush box, Queensland box, Brisbane box, pink box, box scrub, and vinegartree. Its natural range in Australia is north-east New South Wales and coastal Queensland but it is commonly used as a street tree in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and other cities in eastern Australia.

In the wild its habitat ranges from moist open forest and rainforest ecotones, where it might reach heights of 40 metres or more, to coastal headlands where it acquires a stunted, wind-sheared habit. Dome-like in shape, it has a denser foliage with dark green, leathery leaves and hence provides more shade than eucalyptus trees. Moreover, it is considered safer than eucalypts because it rarely sheds limbs.

It is considered useful as a street tree, due to its d1sease and pest resilience, its high tolerance for smog, drought and poor drainage, and the fact that it needs only moderate-to-light upkeep. It often requires lopping to accommodate overhead power lines, but survives pruning quite well. In form it is used as a replacement for the weedy Camphor Laurel (Cinnamomum camphora) while having a low potential for being weedy itself. The tree is one of the hardiest and most successful street trees within wider Sydney and elsewhere. Information retrieved from Wikipedia 22 Jan 2020


Although seed can be sown most of the year in Australia seed is generally best sown in spring or autumn, avoid the coldest and hottest months of the year. The optimum germination temperature for germination is around 18-22°C

Sow seed on surface of a porous seed raising mix. Sprinkle with a very light covering of seed raising mix. Do not bury seed deeply. Water with fine mist spray to avoid disturbance of the seed. Place in a warm, shaded or semi shaded position. Keep warm & moist, avoid drying out or waterlogging the growing mix. Germination usually occurs in around 14-28 days in the right condition.

General note: Seeds of many natives are dormant and require specific conditions or pre-treatment for germination.  Do not be too hasty to discard seed that does not germinate, seeds will often lay dormant until the conditions are similar to their natural requirements for germination to occur. Containers put to one side will often surprise long after they were discarded.  Growing information retrieved from “Australian Seed” 22 Jan 2020

Please note:  These are seeds and NOT live plants!

*********Quarantine restrictions and costs prohibit us from selling these seeds to WA, Tasmania, and International buyers.

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Hisselli

I was about to let you know that out of all the seeds only 3 seedlings have emerged.
You should conduct a gemination test before selling .
I had to ordered another lot of seeds from another supplier
as my window of propagation was narrowing and I couldn't afford not to honour my orders.
PS: No problem with the pen though.

Thanks for the feedback Eric, we appreciate your comments. We do get many of our seeds tested and these were picked fresh, by us, locally too. We've had good feedback on these so far, so it is helpful to know that not everyone has had success growing them. Thanks so much.