"Get Real" sessions

"GET REAL" Support Sessions

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"GET REAL" Support Sessions
"GET REAL" Support Sessions
"GET REAL" Support Sessions
"GET REAL" Support Sessions
"GET REAL" Support Sessions
"GET REAL" Support Sessions
"GET REAL" Support Sessions
"GET REAL" Support Sessions

Note******* Our "Get Real" sessions are offered by heartfelt donation.  

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we must enter a price on our website for all of our products and sessions so that you can have a seamless checkout experience.  This is why we have put in options for you - so that you can still choose the donation amount that best suits your means and the value you place upon having the session available to you.  We appreciate the sincerity of your donation and send loving energy your way at all times to match the energy exchange you offer.  Thank you so much for helping us grow as we help you grow.

GET REAL” Support Sessions ("Get Real" sessions are by heartfelt donation).  

Life can be joyful, fun, harmonious, and memorable in good ways if we want it to be.

What is holding you back from really enjoying your life?

What does the life of your dreams look like?

Is your life filled with love, unity, and inclusion, or separation, anger, and maybe even malice towards those that you feel hurt and wronged by?

How long will you keep your heart in this prison?

Inside you is a breath that is waiting to exhale, waiting to burst into life like a big-bang-universe of love. It hears every word you say and every thought you think and it wants to work with you, to fill your lungs with air, your body with fire, and your heart with a passion so exquisite you’ll want to weep with gratitude. It wants to soothe your aches and embrace your strengths and it wants so much to hear you cheer yourself on.  In less than one hour, in the comfort of your own home, no matter what you are carrying or fearing, I can support you in finding your joy and feeling it. Not only is it possible, it is here, right at your keyboard, all you have to do is make a choice to help yourself and then book in. It’s that simple. 

We carry within us all of the energy from our past and that includes feelings and thoughts like blame, powerlessness, shame, hate, helplessness, anger, sadness, judgements, joys, disappointments, fears, bliss, terror, hurts, happiness, grief, ecstasy, loss, excitement, overwhelm, underwhelm, stress, love, anxiety, and more. If we have found the energy of emotions to be too much to handle in our past, we trap that energy inside us and begin to numb out to it in whatever way we can, until we eventually shut off to all emotion. All energy (even positive emotion) then becomes perceived by our mind as a threat and causes an internal reaction of fight/flight/freeze whether we are facing an external threat or not. We all know within ourselves what we each need in order to liberate ourselves from this cycle of feel-overwhelm-numb out. The best part is that we do not have to dig deep into our greatest fears and dread, to find the answers they hold. When we nurture ourselves and spend time in joy, we automatically begin to change our energy and our reaction to energy – we even begin to respond to energy instead of always reacting, but we can’t do it alone at first. There is a science behind it all called neuroscience and through combining neuroscience with practical tools, I have learned how to tune in and help myself heal on every level while I supported others in healing themselves too. 

The story of why is not what creates the healing, it is the love and hope of wanting to change it, that brings the joy back, sometimes slowly but ever so surely.

I want to help you find your inner dancer, that part of you who holds all of the answers to your life’s greatest mysteries, and show you how to tune in and unlock them all in your own way.

I want to help you rediscover the prize-fighter, the hopscotch jumper, the puzzle master, the enigma decoder, of your youth and bring it back to life in all of it’s long-forgotten innocence, with you right there to keep it safe and to nurture it in your own unique way.

This is the day you give yourself the gift of feeling fabulous again and I’ll be right there with you as you shine. Make a difference in your world to the one person who needs it most - you..........

Gabriella Grace xx


These sessions are individually tailored to meet the need you have at the time of your session. The goal of these sessions is to provide you with an opportunity to connect with your most peaceful and joyous self in your own way, and learn to support yourself through those moments that might seem overwhelming or reactive in your everyday life. These sessions can be used very successfully by you in conjuction with other counselling, coaching, and psychotherapy that you connect with elsewhere.
Your first session can be a little longer than 60 minutes so that you can feel comfortable to ask any questions you may have, and still make full use of the session.

How To Book
- available only to people over 18 years old.

- call duration depends on your needs at the time of the call.
- I will make the call to you at the agreed time and day and if you are unavailable, the session is considered cancelled by you.  No refunds or transfers are available for this.
- video calls will be made via Facebook messenger worldwide unless otherwise discussed.
- the content of these sessions will remain confidential and any details that we may be required to keep by law will be handled within the laws of Australia for your privacy and protection. 
- "Get Real" sessions - We know how tricky it can be to want support when money feels tight and so we are offering these sessions with the option of you selecting how much you want to pay. No matter how much you pay, your session will be the same duration and of the same quality as everyone else. We simply trust that you are honest and will support us by paying what you can afford. If you cannot afford a lot now, you pay a little and if you can afford a lot, your larger payment means the service can remain available to others with less - this is a way we can help each other to grow.

Please note: We are based in Eastern Australia and all times are Melbourne times (GMT +8). These sessions are available worldwide and you will need to factor in the time/day when you book. If the listed times do not work for our overseas friends, we will work it out with you, please just ask.

Your first visit is a time to familiarise yourself with the way you want to proceed. The first time we do anything new can be daunting and may need extra time for this and we appreciate and accept that. Please take the opportunity to really think about what you want to get out of your online visit before we call.

For those who want to stay in touch and be part of a community of people who aspire to be more authentic and self-re-parent, taking responsibility for improving response-ability, we have a Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/thechakragarden/?source_id=780286395474086.  Come along and be part of something new.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Thank You

Thank you so much for the session tonight. Your wisdom and guidance led me through profound breakthroughs of understanding and connection with my inner self, as well as instantly feeling more compassion, love, peace and relief within myself emotionally.
I learnt about inner child work on a much deeper level than ever before. Even still, you made it personally relate-able, simple, understandable with lots of practical tools and approaches to apply and practice moving forwards. I feel empowered to cope with some major tricky stuff moving forwards, that I had been stuck feeling terror and frozen over only an hour earlier.
Thank you Gabriella Grace. You are brilliant at what you do. I highly recommend your services to anyone looking to experience instant peace and relief, and more depth and skilfulness around their emotions

More clarity to move forward.

In my session with Gabriella, she held space for me to go deeper in myself to find the answers I needed and I definitely have more clarity to move forward. Thank you.

That's fabulous Cecilia! I'm so glad the session helped you and it was so wonderful meeting you too.
I felt really wonderful afterwards and plan on doing it again.

I had the pleasure of having an aura sweep with Gabriella and it was simply DIVINE :). I felt really wonderful afterwards and plan on doing it again. I highly recommend Gabriella and thank you for your lovely service xo

Thanks so much for letting us know Kimberley. We're so glad you feel good about it and had such a nice experience. It's such a pleasure to be of service to you.
A beautiful session

A beautiful session with Gabriella - gentle and transformative. I feel centred and energised now. Thanks and blessings for your work.

Thank you Shari. Such a blessing to meet you.
Short & Sharp session

Gabriella is a truly genuine & generous soul. Creating a beautiful grounded space to explore the unconscious, her insights & offerings shone a light on self acceptance & with a calm clarity, I feel I can step into an integral, honest flow moving forward. With sincere thanks.

Bless you Nyree. Such a beautiful and loving person you are. Thank you. I’m so glad you got something wonderful out of it.