Garden Seed Planter Pack - Vegetables - Stir Fry
Garden Seed Planter Pack - Vegetables - Stir Fry
Garden Seed Planter Pack - Vegetables - Stir Fry

Garden Seed Planter Pack - Vegetables - Stir Fry

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Show your kids how much fun it can be to grow their own vegetables and nurture their own plants.  Watch their delight as they see the first sprouts emerge from the soil.  Create a fertile garden of the mind where they learn about health from the earth itself and explore what delicious flavours and textures home-grown plants can provide.  Support your kids in learning how much flavour and colour home-grown vegetables can have.  Learn to enjoy cooking simple, delicious stir-fry with your kids and instilling life-long healthy habits in them that they can use throughout their entire lives.
Each "Stir Fry" Seed PlanterPack contains 5 packets of seeds to grow quick-sprouting plants that can be used to make great stir-fry dishes.
1x Broccoli
1x Onion
1x Capsicum
1x Carrot
1x Snow Pea
NOT AVAILABLE TO Western Australia, Tasmania, or Overseas at all.
**The pictures used are for the purpose of providing an example only and are not guaranteed to look the same as the product you grow.
++ While each "Garden Seed Planter Pack - Vegetables - Stir Fry" will contain 1 packet each of Broccoli, Onion, Carrot, Capsicum, and Snow Pea seeds, the type of seed may differ from the photograph but will always be premium quality seed.

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Customer Reviews

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Fast service! Great price. Friendly service :)


Hi Chakra Garden, thanks for the prompt service in getting this seed pack to my grandkids in QLD. They were so excited and can’t wait to start planting, growing, eating. Love what you’re doing 💖
Debbie Samuels
Wyong Nsw


Looking forward to planting. Arrived quickly. Highly recommend the chakra garden

Thanks Megan, we'd love to hear how you go with them.