Garden Seed Planter Pack - Tossed Salad

Garden Seed Planter Pack - Tossed Salad

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A selection of 8 seed packets that can be planted to grow plants that will provide all you and your family need for terrific, healthy, and colourful tossed salads.

This selection of seeds in individually sealed pouches grows plants that you can use to create delicious tossed salads or add more variety to the great salads you already enjoy.  A light, healthy, and tasty treat for you, your family, or your friends, and as always, free postage.

Included in pack:

1x Lettuce Mix

1x Rocket

1 x Italian Broad Leaf Parsley

1x Red Veined Sorrel

1 x Watercress

1x Amaranth

1x Heartsease

1x Nasturtium

Create a leafy base with these and add your favourites to them or just serve as is with your favourite dressing.  The ideas are endless and the taste will be superb.

NOT AVAILABLE TO Western Australia, Tasmania, or Overseas at all.

**The pictures used are for the purpose of providing an example only and are not guaranteed to look the same as the product you grow.

++ While each "Garden Seed Planter Pack - Tossed Salad" will contain 8x1 packet each of   seeds that can be planted in cooler temperatures, the type of seeds may differ from the photographs used but will always be premium quality seed.

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Ray Bright
Raymond B

Seeds arrived very professionally packaged great delivery time
Setting up a new garden area scattering veg and flowers For edible and cutting
Getting seeds and plants ready for the after frost plantings
Liking the mixed salad bowl and bee loving planting packages
And the pricing is unbeatable