Chilli "Carolina Reaper Ghost'-EDIBLES-super hot-Solar Plexus Chakra- 10 seeds

Chilli "Carolina Reaper Ghost'-EDIBLES-super hot-Solar Plexus Chakra- 10 seeds

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‘Carolina Reaper Ghost’ 

10 seeds

Ideal sowing temp: 28C-32C 

Position:  Full sun 

Before sowing: Soak seeds in a 0.05% Sodium Hypochlorite solution for 30 minutes. The best product for this is MiltonÒ that is often used to clean babies bottles. Dry seeds on paper towel and sow immediately. 

Sowing: <1mm deep. 

Care:  Apply a pre-emergent fungicide as the product states. 

Sprouting: 5-34 days (at 28-32C). 

Harvest: approx. 90 days with a long harvest. 

Chakra: Base. 

WARNING: This chilli has a Scovid Scale rating over 1,500,000 SHU.  It is SUPER-HOT!!  Wear gloves when handling these seeds and be sure to wash your hands every time you handle these seeds too so you do not get burned.  Research carefully before using these seeds or the chillies grown from them and seek medical advice from a qualified health professional when necessary.




The Chakra Garden cannot take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants. 

Always seek advice from a professional before eating or using a plant medicinally.

The chilli pods go from green to red over time. The inside of the pod is very oily so be careful when handling those fruits. When fully grown the plant can grow up to 90 – 120 cm high and the chilli season lasts approximate 4 to 6 months.


Note: the MiltonÒ sterilizes the seed and breaks down the water-repellent seed layer allowing the seed to absorb water. The trick is to get the seed up and growing before fungal attack. A heat blanket can also help to keep the seed at a constant temperature while awaiting your sprouts.


Please note: This item is seeds only, NOT live plants! Quarantine restrictions prohibit us selling or shipping this item to WA, Norfolk Island, Tasmania, or Internationally.

General note: 
Do not be too hasty to discard seed that does not germinate, seeds will often lay dormant until the conditions are similar to their natural requirements for germination to occur. Containers put to one side will often surprise long after they were discarded.

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