Bursaria Spinosa  "Native Blackthorn"TREES-Buy In Bulk-Seeds

Bursaria Spinosa "Native Blackthorn"TREES-Buy In Bulk-Seeds

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“Native Blackthorn” 

Family: Pittosporaceae 

Cold treatment: storing seed at 4C for 3 to 4 weeks before sowing improves results. 

Plant: June/July when day temperatures are about 10C and night about 5C. 

Sprout: approx 30 days. 

Bursaria Spinosa: (also known as Native Blackthorn, Sweet Bursaria, by the Aboriginal names of geapga and kurwan (Dharawal), and Christmas Bush in S.A. and Tas.)  

Grows mainly in the eastern and southern half of Australia and not in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Can reach 10m with fragrant white flowers at any time of year, especially in summer.  Can last for up to 60 years and may resprout from the base after bushfires, as well as dispersing seed on the wind. It will grown in a variety of tough conditions and soils, including shale-based, clay-based, and saline based soils and it is very hardy. It is drought and frost tolerant as well as able to survive on grazing land. 

Cattle and rabbits graze on young trees while mature plants draw many types of beetle, bug, ant, wasp, fly, and butterfly to it’s leaves and branches for the security this extremely thorny and sweet plant offers. The thorny spikes may make it generally unpopular as a garden shrub, it is still a great addition to roadsides and farming areas, providing a safe haven for small birds and nectar for butterflies. The drug aesculin is harvested from the plant in the Sydney region. Very easy to grow.

The Chakra Garden can not take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants. 

Always seek advice from a professional before eating or using a plant medicinally.


****Please note: these are seeds (we are NOT selling these as live plants). Quarantine restrictions and costs prohibit us from selling these seeds to WA, Tas, and Internationally.

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Graham Spillard
Bursaria Spinosa

Only place where I’ve been able to find these seeds. Hope they grow. An important plant for butterflies

Excellent customer service

I recently ordered seeds from the chakra garden and I am very impressed by the quality of the product and the customer service.
I look forward to seeing how these seeds go in my garden.