Acacia Rubida-'Red-stemmed Wattle'-TREE SEEDS-Buy In Bulk-seeds

Acacia Rubida-'Red-stemmed Wattle'-TREE SEEDS-Buy In Bulk-seeds

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“Red-stemmed Wattle” 

Family: Fabaceae 

Sowing temp: 18-22C 

Position:  Light Shade to Full Sun; Well Drained. 

Preparation: Soak in just-boiled water 10-15 hours before sowing. The swollen seed can then be sown, re-treat seeds that have not swollen. 

Sowing: 2mm deep. 

Care:  Keep moist but not wet. 

Sprouting: 10-25 days. 

A fast-growing, small bushy shrub or small tree to 5m, found in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria, 

Has clusters of bright yellow ball-shaped flowers from late winter to early spring, with deep red angular stems and grey-green leaves that are reddish in winter. 

Will tolerate many different well drained and non-saline soils. Full sun to part shade but will flower more generously in full sun.  Frost and cold-tolerant. Nitrogen-fixing, good habitat plant for native fauna. 

****Please note: these are seeds (we are NOT selling these as live plants). Quarantine restrictions and costs prohibit us from selling these seeds to WA, Tas, and Internationally.

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Ivor Growns
Red stem wattle seeds

Excellent quality I can't wait to germinate them. Fast delivery