Acacia Mix -TREE- Mixed Wattle Seeds

Acacia Mix -TREE- Mixed Wattle Seeds

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Acacia Mix 1

“Mixed Wattle Seeds”

Sowing temp: 25C 

Position:  Full Sun; Well Drained. 

Preparation: Soak in boiling water 10-15 hours before sowing or scarify. 

Sowing: 2mm deep.  Cover very lightly with soil. 

Care:  Keep moist but not wet. 

Sprouting: 6-25 days.

For those who want to plant out a bigger space but are not sure what to put in it; or those who need to plant out a quick windbreak, border, or hedging row. For those who simply love the delightful native Australian wattles and want more of them around....

This is a mix of seeds from several species of Acacia wattles that have similar growing instructions and rates so they can all be treated the same way and planted at the same time.  We have put seeds from each species into a mix to save you the trouble and put them all in the bag together for you.

We will be adding new mixes from time to time as we get more species that complement each other in their growing so stay tuned for more as we go. Below you can see the seeds contained in each mix.  The growing instructions will come attached to each packet you buy.


Mix 1: 50+ seeds each (total- 350+ seeds): -

Acacia acinacea "Gold Dust Wattle" 

Bushy or open shrub to 2.5m. Has small, golden-yellow flower balls paired on long slender stalks in spring and summer.

Acacia baileyana 'Cootamundra Wattle" 

Small to Medium tree to 10m with silver-grey foliage and bright yellow flowers that grow in the leaf axils during late winter to spring. Not recommended for some areas, as it can become a weed, check with your local council before planting. Drought tolerant and frost resistant, very fast growing but relatively short-lived. 

Acacia hakeoides "Hakea Wattle"

An ornamental, quick growing, and attractive tree to 6m. Nitrogen-fixer good for erosion control.  Masses of golden yellow flowers in Winter-Spring.  Easy to grow and forms dense thickets, making it a good low-level screening plant for windbreaks.  Frost and drought tolerant.  Seeds will keep for many years and trees have been known to last decades.

Acacia implexa "Lightwood"

Also known as lightwood or hickory wattle.  Perennial, fast-growing, long-lived, small to medium-sized Australian tree to 15m, with a width of up to 10m. The species is very hardy and suitable for soil stabilization and bank planting, as a result of the plants suckering habit which can be accelerated if the roots are damaged. It handles full sun well and is drought and frost tolerant to a temperature of −7 °C. Very prone to leaf gall.

Acacia longifolia 'Sydney Golden Wattle"

Fast growing shrub or tree to 8m high.  Develops bright to pale yellow flowers.  Drought tolerant and grows very quickly (7-10m in 5-6 years).  Used commonly for soil erosion, food, dye, and wood.  Low-maintenance, resilient, frost-hardy, and will grow in a range of soil types.  The flowers, seeds and seed pods are classed as edible.

Acacia rubida "Red-stemmed Wattle" 

A fast-growing, small bushy shrub or small tree to 5m. Has clusters of bright yellow ball-shaped flowers from late winter to early spring, with deep red angular stems and grey-green leaves that are reddish in winter. Will tolerate many different well drained and non-saline soils. Full sun to part shade but will flower more generously in full sun.  Frost and cold-tolerant. Nitrogen-fixing, good habitat plant for native fauna. 

Acacia victoriae "Gundabluey" (Elegant Wattle)

Narrow, greyish green leaves to 5 cm long with pale yellow flower balls in summer,  Prefers medium to heavy soils in an open sunny position. Drought and frost resistant.

One of the main three Acacias used in the bush tucka industry. The seed has a hazelnut type of flavour and can be roasted until it pops like popcorn.  It has many uses in modern times and is used as flour, in cakes, and in sauces, confectionery, beer brewing, and even as a caffeine-free coffee substitute.

The Chakra Garden cannot take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants. 

Always seek advice from a professional before eating or using a plant therapeutically.


****Please note: these are seeds (we are NOT selling these as live plants). Quarantine restrictions and costs prohibit us from selling these seeds to WA, Tas, and Internationally.

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