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 Australian National Botanical Gardens

Website of the Canberra gardens devoted solely to native plants. Good source of botanical and horticultural information. Includes Australian Plant Name Index and link to Australian Plant Census, the accepted authority for Australian plant scientific names and synonyms. Also includes National Plant Photographic Index and Flora of Australia online database.

How to Propagate Australian Plants:


Australian Native Plant Society



A publicly funded resource hub for the native seed industry. An excellent source of information on various aspects of native seed collection and use. Among the resources available are a valuable list of scientfic research references, technical data sheets and a discussion forum.


Natural Resource Management Authorities (Caring for Country, Australian Government Land and Coasts Team)

Source of the Caring for Country program which funds the various natural resource management authorities across Australia. (Catchment Management Authorities in NSW and VIC, Natural Resource Managemment Boards in SA, etc). The site contains information about the program and has links to each regional authority.


Our Native Garden

A not-for-profit, volunteer-run organisation dedicated to developing balanced native ecosystems which help create and maintain a healthy environment for plants, creatures and people.


Plants For A Future (PFAF)

A resource and information centre for edible and otherwise useful plants.


Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Contains large range of palnts, activities and more including the living plant census, sustaiable management information and plant identification service


Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA) is a not-for-profit social organisation dedicated to achieving a healthy biodiverse planet and vibrant, sustainable communities.

Its principal purposes are to:
1. encourage, educate and enable home and professional gardeners to adopt sustainable gardening practices to protect or enhance the natural environment or a significant aspect of it; and
2. provide information or education, or carry on research about, the natural environment or a significant aspect of it.

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