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Solar Plexus Chakra

Third Chakra - Solar Plexus Chakra

The Chakra of Power

Name: Manipura

Colour: Yellow

Location: Diaphragm, stomach. It resides from the waistline to the bottom of the rib cage and is a front and back chakra

Systems of the body: Stomach, muscles and liver, digestion, adrenals, pancreas

Aura: Astral Role: Prosperity/Abundance Mental correlative: Accepting responsibility
Gland: Pancreas Sacrament: Confirmation

Mind function: Self worth

Element: Fire Deals with: Willpower Health care: Nourishing wellbeing
Sound: Ram Blocked by: Shame Physical function: Digestion
Archangel: Raphael Virtue: Patience Planet: Sun
Purpose: I Absorb Vice: Wrath/Anger Deity: Laxmi
 Expression: I Do Grace: Wisdom Energy: Concrete knowledge or experience

Plants associated with the solar plexus chakra:

angelica cumin meadowsweet
anise damiana mints (spearmint, peppermint, etc)
any digestive bitter dandelion mullein
any heating adaptagen dill sage
black pepper elecampane skullcap
blackberry fennel st john's wort
burdock garlic sunflower
calendula goldenseal turmeric
california poppy honeysuckle yarrow
cayenne lemon balm lomandra longifolia
chamomile marshmallow

Herbs that affect the digestion, liver, and energy level are strong movers of the third chakra

Yellow is warm (yang) and is associated with things sunny, cheerful, joyous, optimistic, practical, confident, and illuminating. It is also associated with wisdom, knowledge, logic and the mind.

Yellow is used to benefit the adrenal glands, gallbladder, liver, muscles, nervous system, pancreas, and stomach. Illnesses that can be treated with yellow are allergies, arthritis, asthma, constipation, coughs, depression, diabetes, eczema, gallstones, gas, hiatus hernia, hypothyroidism, indigestion, lymphatic congestion, motion sickness, and obesity. Yellow is a nerve stimulant; it can be helpful with depression, fear, and tension, and can soothe mental exhaustion.

Yellow in food often indicates the presence of lutein, magnesium, and Vitamin C and limonene. Because it is a sharpening colour that enhances alertness, concentration, communication, and focus, you will often find yellow on food packaging. May reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. May strengthen bones and teeth, help the body heal wounds, keep skin healthy and maintain eyesight.

Yellow is happy, warm radiant and represents the Solar Plexus. Yellow whole foods are loaded with many antioxidants and phytochemicals which help promote healthy function of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas as well as other vital organs and the nervous system.

Anise Seed  Lemongrass  Yellow beans 
Bamboo Shoots  Lemons Yellow Marigold Flowers 
Bananas  Nuts Yellow Peppers 
Chamomile  Parsnips Yellow Raspberry 
Cinnamon  Pears  Yellow summer squash 
Corn  Pineapple  Yellow Tomatillo 
Dill  Saffron  Yellow Tomatoes 
Evening Primrose Flowers  Spaghetti Squash  Yellow Wax Beans 
Garbanzo beans  Squash Blossoms Yellow Zucchini 
Golden Apples  Vegetable Oils
Golden Flax Seed  White Carrot 
Golden Raisins  Whole Grains 
Grapefruit  Yams 

Garden/Meditation Feature:

Solar lights, candles, fire pit, etc

Crystals or Stones:

Yellow Jade, amber, topaz citrine quartz, tiger eye


Associated with power, authority, boundaries, personal power, self control, transformation, self-worth, technology, metabolism, inner fire, choice

How to Balance this Chakra in other ways:

Rub your belly, visualise sunshine radiating out from your solar plexus, breathe using your diaphragm.