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Links To All Things Edible

Being unable to eat animal products or sugars required me to radically change the way I thought about food but it brought new flavours and preparation techniques to me that have made beautiful and welcome additions to my culinary repertoire too.  The food I eat now is rich, delicate, flavourful, vibrant, healthy, tasty, and usually scrumptious on my palate.  I had always thought I could not possible "go without" the heavy, dead, mainly stodgy foods I used to est, although I have had a love affair with eating vegetables since early childhood.  We are collating some links to websites here that have edible wisdom and practices to help you explore, rediscover, create, plan, or simple read about all things edible from a lighter and healthier point of view.  Many people who have not tried plant-based or vegan living before worry that important nutrients and vitamins will be missing but that doe snot have to be the case.  Remember to let us know if you know of ay links to all things edible for plant-based and vegan living too, and help us to help others grow.


The Full Helping


Nourishing plant-based recipes, stories of self-care and self-discovery, and resources to help you explore an informed and compassionate relationship with food.

Vegan Easy Food Recipes


A grassroots campaign which promotes veganism as the ethical, rational, and earth friendly lifestyle that it is.  Also includes a 30-day Vegan Easy challenge to show how easy and delicious vegan eating can be.


* Always consult your doctor and a nutritionist or dietitian before making a radical change to your diet.