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Heart Chakra

Fourth Chakra - Heart Chakra

The Chakra of Love

Name: Anahata

Colour: Green

Location: Located in the centre of the chest in the middle of the sternum

Systems of the body: Heart, lungs, immune and circulation systems, pericardium, arms, hands, thymus gland.

 Aura: Mind Role: Strength/Support/Healer Mental Correlative: Inviting compassion
Gland: Thymus Sacrament: Marriage Mind Function: Self-acceptance
Element: Air Deals with: Love Health Care: Allowing love
Sound: Yam Blocked by: Grief Physical Function: Circulation
Archangel: Chamuel Virtue: Chastity Planet: Moon
Purpose: I Accept Vice: Lust Deity: Hanuman
Expression: I Love Grace: Courage Energy: Harmony through conflict, or beauty, or art

Plants associated with the root chakra:


bleeding heart hawthorn motherwort
borage horehound parsley
cardamom jasmine red clover
cayenne kava rhodiola
cayenne lavender saffron
cilantro lemon balm sweet marjoram
cinnamon licorice violet
comfrey lily of the valley any lung herb
Cosmos linden any heart herb.
elderberry lotus seed
gardenia marshmallow Herbs that affect asthma, high blood pressure, and the blood.

Green is made by combining yellow (wisdom) with blue (spirituality). Being in the middle of the colour spectrum, it is neither hot nor cold. Green is the colour of the heart centre, healing, balance, compassion, love, transformation, growth, generosity, and peace.

Green is rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory. Green can help calm anger and improve memory, paranoia, and nervous exhaustion. It affects the lungs, heart, thymus gland, and immune system. Use green for backaches, heart trouble, immune disorders, lupus, allergies, head colds, shock, and trauma, and to lower blood pressure.

Green in plants signifies the presence of chlorophyll. We see green as clean, crisp, and refreshing, and so is often used to market cleaning products. Helps maintain eyesight and may reduce the risk of vision problems common later in life. May reduce the risk of cancer and help the body get rid of cancer-causing chemicals.

Green is considered a healing colour and is associated with the heart. Green fruits and vegetables contain phyto-chemicals such as luteins and indoles which are good for the heart. They are also high in fibre and promote a healthy digestive system.

Alfalfa  Green Beans  Nettles 
Asparagus  Green beans (e.g. green Lima)  Okra 
Avocados  Green Cauliflower  Opo
Beet Greens  Green Eggplant  Oregano 
Bok Choy  Green grapes  Parsley 
Broccoli  Green Olives  Peas 
Brussels Sprouts  Green Peppers  Pumpkin Seeds 
Cactus (Nopales)  Green Tomatoes (green when ripe)  Rosemary 
Celery  Green Zucchini  Sinqua 
Chives Honeydew  Spinach 
Collard Greens Kale  Swiss Chard 
Comfrey  Kiwi  Tarragon 
Cucumber  Leafy green vegetables  Tomatillo 
Dandelion Greens  Lettuce  Wasabi 
Edamame  Limes  Wheatgrass 
 Fennel  Mint 

Garden/Meditation Feature:

Wind chimes, 

Fragrant plants (e.g. Backhousia Citriadora)


* Oil Diffuser

Crystals or Stones:

Green Quartz, emerald, tourmaline, rose quartz


Connected to understanding, balance, forgiveness, unconditional love, trust, following ones heart, a place of integration of upper and lower chakra energies, compassion, LOVE, breath, affinity, unity, healing

How to Balance this Chakra in other ways:

Give freely your service to others, watch tender movies, listen to romantic soft music, play with cute kittens or puppies, sit for a while with a baby in your arms, give someone a hug, love and forgive yourself.