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Hi, we are Joe and June.  We have recently returned to the Wodonga area in Victoria after spending the past decade working and living in the Hunter Valley and Greater Sydney Areas in NSW.  We have over 30 years combined experience in the hand-collection of native seeds and grasses and we are passionate about what we do.

Our seeds come in small weights or seed lots (e.g. 25gms p/pack or 100 seeds p/pack).  Larger amounts (not exceeding 5kgs for most orders) may be negotiable, feel free to enquire.

If there is anything you require you can send through a species list which we will try and source, or call us and let us know.



The support services we provide are professional peer support only.  While we have accredited and extensive qualifications and experience in many fields, our aim here is to provide support and not professional therapy - that you can get anywhere else.  We have a wealth of life experience spanning a total of over 70 years as well as educational learning and want to provide something unique and rewarding for you and for us.  Compassion, empathy, caring, and empowerment are our mainstays and we do not assume that we are any better than you.  We know that you are the expert on your life and we hope you know that too.  We hope you will benefit from our support in whatever way you use it and we look forward to getting to know you in whatever way you choose.  We feel that we have grown so much from allowing others to support us and are now giving back to the world we love and appreciate so much.  Thank you for letting us help you grow.



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