Liriope Giganteum "Giant Liriope" -Buy In Bulk-seeds

Liriope Giganteum "Giant Liriope" -Buy In Bulk-seeds

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“Giant Liriope”

Family: Liliaceae 

Ideal sowing temp: 18-21C. 

Position:  Light Shade to Full Sun; Well Drained. 

Preparation: Soak seeds in warm water for 24 hours. Mix 1-part household bleach and 9 parts water in a sink or bucket. Soak the seed-starting tray in the solution to sterilize it. Wait 15 minutes, remove the tray, and let it air-dry. 

Sowing: Fill the seed-starting tray with moist, sterile soil until it's 20mm from the top. Lightly press on the soil with your fingers to level the surface. Space the seeds in the tray about 25mm apart. Sprinkle a 5mm layer of potting mix over the seeds. Press down on the soil to firm it over the seeds. 

Care:  Mist with a water-filled spray bottle and aim to keep it moist throughout germination. Put the tray in a clear plastic bag and seal with a bag tie.  Place the tray   in a warm area. Place tray near a heater or use a heating pad under the tray if needed. Remove the plastic bag and position the tray in a sunny window as soon as the seeds sprout. 

Sprouting: 20-30 days. 

Liriope Giganteum has purple flowers resembling hyacinth.  A strappy-leaved plant commonly used in landscaping as an easy care, perennial and flowering, evergreen, border plant and shrub.  Being a clump-forming species, it does not ‘run’ or become invasive like some other Liriope species.  Suitable for erosion control in some situations, it can be mass planted and will flower well though spring, summer, and even into autumn. Up to 1m H x 1m W, it is a hardy, drought resistant plant, easy to establish, with a range of varieties.  Happy in either full sun or partial shade, it can withstand frost down to -5C and tolerates dry conditions too. Prefers well drained sandy and loamy soils with a neutral-alkaline pH. 

Edible Uses 

Root – cooked.  The roots sometimes have a fleshy, tuberous part near their tip. Can be candied.


The Chakra Garden cannot take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants. Always seek advice from a professional before using a plant therapeutically.

****Please note: these are seeds (we are NOT selling these as live plants). Quarantine restrictions and costs prohibit us from selling these seeds to WA, Tas, and Internationally.

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