Ornamental Grass Seeds

Ornamental grasses generally establish very quickly, even from seed.  In around half a year they look like they have been growing there for years.  Australian grasses are more tolerant of the heat and drought and are very low maintenance.  Ornamental grasses simply need cutting back annually to look their best, quickly and efficiently cleaning the landscape and promoting new growth. 

The fresh look of recently revitalised grasses can give any garden a much needed and invigorating lift. Ornamental native grasses are very tough; and are mostly frost, drought, and heat tolerant.  Few pests or diseases bother them and they tend to have a strong root system which makes them great for preventing erosion, and helping to clean stormwater runoff by removing nutrients and heavy metals.

Ornamental grasses create a living, soothing sound as they rustle and sway, moving captivatingly in the wind.  They add a soft, natural look to any garden, with interesting colours, textures and displays.  With changing appearances throughout the year, they also make great companions for shrubs, ground covers, potted flowers, herbs, succulents and perennials.   They look fabulous planted in and amongst rock and they attract wildlife, making them a favourite in contemporary gardens across the country.

Our selection of Ornamental Grass Seeds changes seasonally as we pick it fresh so do come back and visit often to see what we have for you.

*****Please note:   We do NOT sell live plants at all!!  No seeds will be sent to Western Australia or Tasmania. Quarrantine restrictions and inspection fees prohibit the sale of seeds to Western Australia, Tasmania, and Internationally.