Herbs can add amazing flavours and aromas to your cooking.  They are also useful for using in aromatherapy, pot pourri, candlemaking, soapmaking, deodorising, cleaning, and even for repelling things like insects!

Herbs can be great companion plants in the garden to help the growth of other plants, repel nasties, brighten the space, and more.  Herbs are also great for growing indoors or outdoors, in smaller spaces like pots, windowsills, benchtops, hothouses, vertical kitchen gardens, and even old upcycled waste products like plastic bottles.  Herbs are also good for those who are not feeling confident of growing plants from seed, for children, for the elderly.  Herbs are easy and simple to grow, and you get to eat them too!

We have a range of herbs that we hope you will enjoy, and we are expanding our range at the moment so stay tuned for more......