Wahlenbergia Stricta "Australian Bluebell" Seeds

Wahlenbergia Stricta "Australian Bluebell" Seeds

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“Australian Bluebell”

Sowing time:  Any – avoid coldest and hottest months.

Climate: 18-22°C

Sow:  on surface of a porous seed raising mix - do not cover or bury the seed deeply.

Water: with fine mist.

Position: warm shaded or semi shaded.

Keep warm & moist, avoid drying out or waterlogging the growing mix.

Sprouts: 14-42 days.

"Once established Wahlenbergia Stricta is very hardy - the pot can be dried out completely and the plant reduced to a tuber, yet it will reshoot when the rain comes. It is hardy in a range of soils from sand to gravel, clay to humus. There are a number of common cultivars, including various shades of blue from a saturated blue similar to through to white". [Information from Wikipedia 2019}

The Chakra Garden can not take any responsibility for any adverse effects from the use of plants. 

Always seek advice from a professional before eating or using a plant medicinally.


"both its long, carrot-like roots and its electric blue flowers are edible" Information retrieved from 'Gardening Australia' online, 19 March 2020

*****Please note: these are seeds only and NOT live plants.  Quarantine restrictions and costs prohibit us from selling to WA and Internationally.

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