Acacias are commonly known as 'wattles' and are mainly endemic to Australasia.  A large genus of over 900 species of shrubs and trees in the subfamily Mimosoideae of the pea family Fabaceae, it was thought to have been endemic to Africa also but this was dismissed in the early part of this century.

Acacias are believed to have been present in Australia for at least 25 million years and thrive in the hot, arid climates, as well as in the cooler, temperate and damp climates.  They have grown into forests with other native trees and with their hard, outer seed coating, often rely on fire or smoke to germinate in the wild.

Very easy to grow, many acacias have several uses, including therapeutic and edible uses such as making high protein flour from the seeds (of some species, not all).  The timbers and leaves are also used in numerous practical applications such as basket weaving, canoe building, furniture making, musical instruments, weapons, fuel, adhesives, emulsifier, fodder, and much more.  Please see our specific listing for the uses and applications of each species we offer and always consult a professional before using seeds or plants therapeutically or for food in any way.

Acacias are a popular favourite in gardens, street, properties, and parks around Australia and we offer a varied range of seeds for you to purchase in small amounts and larger, wholesale amounts.  See each listing for available quantities.